Extra Help Moving – Terms And Conditions

Extra Help Moving, Nationwide Movers Job Board provides an “Online Marketplace Network”, and a platform for Moving Companies, Movers, Moving Labor Services, Moving Helpers, Pickup And Delivery (Members). Who have the option to provide Customers and Clients with professional moving services in the form of “Free Moving Quotes” and or “Job Order Assignments” for Moving Labor Services (Movers as Moving Helpers).

Free Quotes – Customers shall agree to receive moving service quotes from our moving members by phone, e-mail and text messaging when using the “Nationwide Movers Job Board, Post Your Move Free”. The customer shall receive a “Activation Code” by text messaging to post the service order request to the “Nationwide Moving Job Board” free. The Customer shall also have the ability to “Stop” all correspondence with our moving members by using the “Deactivation Link” sent by e-mail after the service order request posted to the Nationwide Movers Job Board.

Order Labor – Ordering moving labor services shall require a “Deposit Amount” down and the balance paid in “Cash” and or Credit/Debit Card when available, on arrival of the assigned moving team. The service rate and description of service shall appear on the “Online Order Form” in plain site for all to view prior to submitting the form for service. The customer shall be responsible for providing and driving all moving vehicles. Customers shall receive professional movers as moving helpers (members) who are located within a “50 Mile Radius” by default, without travel fees and or fuel charges. The Automated Dispatching System (ADS) will automatically readjust the service radius by 25 miles every hour, up to a maximum ranges of 125 miles to locate moving members willing to accept assignment after the first 12 hours, and or upon approval of short notice service requests. At which time travel fees and or fuel charges shall be applied at a rate of “$1.00 per/travel/mile”. This normally applies to customers living in rural areas, hours away from the nearest metropolitan area. Customer shall receive an “Order Confirmation” when the service order has been assigned, detailing the assigned movers (team leaders) basic information (Company Name, Contact Person, Phone Number, City, State, Zip Code).

Corporate Accounts – Clients needing “Moving Labor Professionals” more than 4 times within 30 days, may qualify for a Corporate Account Profile (CAP). The Benefits are: (1) Same Day and Short Notice services are available in all major metropolitan area within the United States. (2) Receive Licensed and Insured moving service providers (members), with National Background Checks on file. (3) Packing Supplies – Paper Pads, Shrink Wrap, Boxes, Packing Paper, Box Tape and Markers can be drop shipped to the customers job location on behalf of the client on request, and billed to clients CAP. (4) Moving Equipment – Dollies, Piano Board, Mover Straps, Tool Kits can be brought to the customers job location on request, with no additional charge. (5) Billing rates are negotiable, and charged to the clients CAP. (6) All CAP clients are provided with an “Identification Numbers” to access there customized portal, used for placing orders. (7) Billing Statements and Service Provider Account Members (SPAM) shall be kept on the clients CAP for future reviews and reports. The monthly CAP Fee of $270.00 can be waived with regular use of our Moving Labor Professionals (4 times per/month minimum). CAP Fees are charged monthly between the “1st and 10th” of each month. Any CAP with more than 65 Days of inactivity, may be closed without notice.

Cancellation Fees – There will be a $65.00 cancellation fee when ordering moving labor services directly from Extra Help Moving. There are no charges and or fees associated with changing moving dates and arrival times provided a 24 hour notice has been given. Refunds are provided in the event of a “No-Show” the company shall make a full refund within within 10 business days. No other refunds shall be warranted. Definition of a “No Shows” When movers are assigned to a customers service order and do not arrive as scheduled, have not called stating they are running behind schedule and or can not be reached by the customer and or the company, this would be considered a “No-Show”. The customer shall be provide with several options: 1) Have the service order reassigned to another moving team, dispatched the same day or another time which is convenient for the customer. 2) May request a “Full Refund” without using the services.

Damage Claims – Extra Help Moving shall be liable for damage to items, objects and appliances which are “Dropped” by the movers and moving who are Service Provider Account Members (SPAM) and assigned by Extra Help Moving. No other damage claims will be awarded and or processed. Replacement and or repair value shall be rated at $0.60 (cents) per pound. The customer shall list items over 300 Pounds in the Special Instructions Box (Notes) on the “Service Order Form” Items, Objects and Appliances which may be over 300 lbs (pounds) to be approved by the Extra Help Moving pior to the moving date. Items, Objects and Appliance which are not list which maybe over 300 pounds may have an additional charge and or may not be moved.

Piano Fees And Charges – We have provided a list of “Pianos” with service rates for our Customers and Client’s. (1) Spinet Piano 36” to 40” in height = $50.00 (2) Studio Piano 41” to 45” in height = $75.00 (3) Antique Player Piano 46” to 50” in height = $100.00 (4) Grand Player Piano 51” to 63” in height = $150.00 (5) Baby Grand Piano 3-Legs = $200.00 (6) The Grand Piano 4-Legs = $250.00 (7) Professional Concert Piano 4-Leg Ext-Body = $300.00

Same Day Service – Service Order Forms must be received 24 hour prior to the moving date. Customer may call (877) 350-7393, Ext 703 to be approved.

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