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 Terms And Conditions

Extra Help MLSA (Extra Help Moving Labor Services Of America) dba / ExtraHelpMoving.Com have revised our company policies, terms, and conditions which may be used across our entire platform when ordering professional moving labor services and moving helpers (Movers Without Trucks) from the companies nationwide network.

Moving Service Providers: Are contracted moving companies, local movers and moving labor services (3rd Party Services) who provide our customers and our clients with professional movers as moving helpers nationally. These services include but are not limited to packing and unpacking boxes, loading and unloading moving rental trucks, moving trailers, moving containers, self-storage units, tractor trailers, portable mobile storage, and overseas crates within the United States. Moving service providers may disassemble and reassemble beds, disconnect and reconnecting appliances on request. Box packing services are available, moving boxes and supplies are not included.

Service Rate Overview: 2 Movers (Service Providers) shall be assigned to a customer service order request as moving helpers, to perform moving labor services. The price shall be listed online via Service Order Form (load, unload, load & unload). Overtime will be applied after 8-hours of service, with a service rate equal to the regular service rate plus one half. Valid service order forms shall be processed on the Extra Help Moving platform via webpage redirects.

Moving Labor Services: Extra Help Moving will send the same moving team of two movers as moving helpers to load and or unload locally (within 50-miles). Customers who need to load and unload long-distance (over 50-miles) will receive two separate moving teams of two movers as moving helpers and will be charged twice the required service fee. Custom moving labor arrangements may have additional service fees and or travel charges.

Travel Charges And Fuel Fees: Currently there are no travel charges or fuel fees for moving service providers who travel under 50-miles in each direction (to and from the starting location). A customer needing a service provider to travel over 50-miles would need to make custom moving arrangements, additional fees and charges may apply.

Call The Office Message: When placing a service order the customer will receive a “call the office message” when there is no service provides available for the requested moving date and or area. By calling the office our moving coordinators may be able to activate a service provider for the requested date and or area. Custom moving arrangements may also be an option, additional fees and charges may apply.

Cancellation Fees: Customers who cancel service orders after 24-hours will lose their online deposit which shall be applied as our cancellation fee. A full refund shall be processed only if the customer makes a request to cancel the service order within 24-hours after making the online deposit, and or when the assigned moving helpers are a no-show. After 24-hours the customer may request an "open ticket" which keeps the service order active for 1 year without committing to a moving date, at which time the open ticket will expire.

Open Tickets: Provide customers the freedom to reschedule a moving date without losing the service order deposit. Customers have up to one year from the original moving date to reschedule, at which time the service order shall expire and the deposit shall be applied as a cancellation fee.

No Shows: When movers are assigned to a customers service order and do not arrive as scheduled, and or have not called to state they are running late or behind schedule, this would be considered a “no-show”. The customer shall be provided with several options. 1) Have the service order reassigned to another moving team, dispatched the same day or another time which is convenient for the customer. 2) Request a full refund without using our moving labor services and or movers. Please note, that any moving service providers which become a no-show will be removed from our network and the Nationwide Movers Job Board, and tagged as “unprofessional”.

Chargebacks: Debit and or Credit cards which are charged back (payment reversal) for services not rendered, or items not as described after receiving moving service providers, shall be sent to third-party collections agencies and the following credit bureaus - TransUnion®, Experian®, Equifax® and or small claims court.

Damage Claims: The Company shall be liable for damage to items which are "Dropped" by the “Moving Service Providers” only during the use service. No other damage claims will be awarded and or processed. Items, Objects and or Appliances which have damaged by being “Dropped” by the moving service providers will have a replacement and or repair value of $0.60 (cents) per pound. Please note, that most “Homeowners Renters Insurance” policies cover damage to Items, Objects, and Appliances while being relocated by the Owner via Rental Moving Vehicle.

Items Over 300 Pounds: The customer shall list in the "special instructions" field on the service order form all items, objects, and appliances which may be over 300 lbs. They should be preapproved prior to the mover's arrival or additional fees and or charges will be applied to said items, objects, and appliances by the service providers while on location.

Piano Fees And Charges: Please note that our moving service providers charge for items, objects and appliances which are not consider normal household goods (pianos, pool tables, arcade games, commercial appliances and tools).

Piano Price List

Same Day Service: Service order forms must be received 24-hours prior to the moving date. Customer may call customer support at (877) 350-7393 Ext. 701 to be pre-approved for any same-day service order request. Please note, that approval is based on the service area, and or the number of services providers within your 50-mile radius.

Supplies And Equipment: Customers are responsible for providing all packing supplies, pads, tie-down straps, leasing and driving moving vehicles. The Company shall provide experienced movers and moving helpers with basic hand tools and utility dollies needed to perform the service. Moving equipment and or supplies are generally available from the moving rental trucks facilities.

Corporate Accounts: We no longer provide corporate accounts. All service orders and or full-service moving quotes are placed online by the customer and or client.