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Sign-Up Overview
Receive, Extra Help Moving Job Offers! Get text message alerts directly to your SmartPhones from customers needing moving labor services and or full service moving quotes. Featuring the Nationwide Movers Job Board on a lighting fast platform, created by movers for movers. We provide professional moving companies with real work, from real customers, in real-time!

Professional Movers
We have designed this sign-up page especially for professional moving companies, movers, and moving helpers wanting to receive job offer notifications directly to their cell phones. These notifications are from customers requesting moving labor services and or full service moving quotes. All service providers must have the appropriate licenses and liability insurance required by law to accept and or perform moving services provided by our job offering notification system.

Moving Labor Services
Professional moving companies, movers and moving labor services will provide our customers with moving helpers to load and unload rental moving trucks, moving containers, tractor trailers, mobile storage units and overseas crates within 50-miles of your location. Travel And Fuel Fees There are no travel and or fuel fees within a 50-mile radius. Custom moving solutions may have special travel and fuel fees. Moving Helpers will pack and unpack boxes, disassemble and reassemble beds, disconnect and reconnect appliances on request while remaining on the clock. Our current national service rate is $60.00 per hour for two moving helpers with a 3-hour minimum ($180.00 USD), which shall be collected via Cash-On-Arrival and or by Credit/Debit Cards if the service provider is able to process cards in the field. Overtime hours shall begin past eight service hours, at $90.00 each additional overtime hour thereafter.

Full-Service Moving Quotes
Professional moving companies and movers with trucks can provide our customers with full service moving quotes for long distance nationwide moves, local statewide moves, plus pickup and deliveries. The process is quick, fast and simple! Just reply back to the customer's text message alert by logging into your provider job board from your Smartphone to view the details and call or text the customer back with a full service moving quote, offering your best possible service rates, it's that easy! Keep you movers busy with competitive pricing.

Portable Moving Cubes
Make $300 to $1000 Per/Load! We are looking for full-service moving companies and movers with trucks plus storage, to assist with transporting, loading, and or unloading our affiliate portable moving cubes within a 50-mile radius of your local office in the following Cities:

001. Chicago IL 002. Houston TX 003. Dallas TX 004. Phoenix AZ 005. Redlands CA 006. New York NY
007. Seattle WA 008. Atlanta GA 009. San Jose CA 010. San Antonio TX 011. Orlando FL 012. Miami FL
013. Minneapolis MN 014. Sacramento CA 015. Denver CO 016. Detroit MI 017. Philadelphia PA 018. Boston MA
019. Raleigh NC 020. Charlotte NC 021. Indianapolis IN 022. Las Vegas NV 023. Portland OR 024. Jacksonville FL
025. Cleveland OH 026. Salt Lake City UT 027. Tucson AZ 028. Nashville TN 029. Cincinnati OH 030. Fresno CA
031. Hartford CT 032. Washington DC 033. Memphis TN 034. St. Louis MO 035. Louisville KY 036. Birmingham AL
037. El Paso TX 038. Albuquerque NM 039. Overland Park KS 040. Madison WI 041. Omaha NE 042. Norfolk VA
043. Richmond VA 044. Oklahoma City OK 045. Lubbock TX 046. Charleston SC 047. Boise ID 048. New Orleans LA
049. Little Rock AR 050. Reno NV 051. Shreveport LA 052. Lafayette LA

Coming Soon! Approved moving companies and movers will be able to offer their customers and clients Portable Moving Cubes nationwide. Contact our office at (877) 350-7393 Ext. 703, after signing up below.

Job Offer Notifications
Our fully automated job offering notification system will send out text message alerts to our service providers who have signed-up and can provide either moving labor services and or full service moving quotes. The text notifications alerts read out the following, Extra Help Moving Job Offer with a Login hyperlink attached. All job offers will be located within 50 miles of the service providers zip code.

Special Feature
Login to your Movers Job Board account and change your Zip Code anytime, to any City in the United States. Receive job order notifications while on vacation visiting friends and family, or while just out of town. You are in total control of when and where you can recevie service order alerts and assignments. Contact our office with any questions. Thank you for your time and support.

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